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If you are a first timer to our site, we extend our warmest welcome to you.  If you are a return visitor or one of our PMA Advantage Members checking one of our latest products or services, we welcome you back!  Take your time in exploring the many different products and services we offer.  Read more






Indoor Air Quality

There are many allergy causing air pollutants in your home right now!  Let us show you how a indoor air cleaner / purifier can help ease your allergy symptoms.




Things to check before contacting us......

There are always a few things that you can check before calling us:

If your heat or air conditioner stops working, here are a few things to check before calling us.

Check your thermostat.  If the heat has stopped working,  ensure that the thermostat is on heat.  Check the same thing if  your A/C has stopped working also.  It should be on A/C and not off or heat.

Check to see if the breaker to the unit has tripped.

Check the battery in the thermostat.  Some, but not all thermostats have a battery.  The plastic front  cover should just snap off.  This will give you access to the battery.

If all these things do not help, we will be glad to come out and check your unit.


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