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Protect Your Investment!

Your heating and cooling system is a part of the mechanics of your home.  These systems have moving parts and parts which need maintenance on  regular basis just like your car; however, as homeowners we tend to forget this part of our house until it breaks.  Most of us realize the importance of keeping our cars maintained and understand this is a service which protects us from costly repairs and makes our cars last longer.  I know you will agree with me that our cars performance is very important to us.  You will also agree that the expense of a car is not a light expense.  Well, neither is your heating and cooling system a light expense.  Most homeowners will spend from $4,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of the house and the equipment used.  Are you protecting that investment?  Is your system costing you more money in energy because you have not had it maintained? The cost of maintaining is very inexpensive!

We offer two plans of maintaining your system:

  • PMA Advantage Member:  Planned Maintenance Agreement Advantage Membership give you another peace of mind with Flynn & Son.  This membership will give you priority status over our nonmembership customers.  Once you call us we will be at your house within 24 hours to solve your emergency problem.  You will also receive a 15% discount on all parts on repairs and a 15% discount on our normal service call/diagnostic fee.  You will also get peace of mind in knowing that you will be quoted a price for the repair.  We do not charge you by the hour.  You will always know how much the repair is going to cost you before we begin the repair.  With this membership you will also receive a maintenance in the fall and the spring.  You will receive a reminder from us to set up your maintenance each season so you will not even have to think about it.  We have made the process totally automated and easy.  Each quarter you will also receive a newsletter from us with useful information about owning and maintaining a house.  Call our office for the pricing of the membership.  It really is very inexpensive for the year. So Call now!


  • Maintenance Service Call:  If you would rather not become a PMA Advantage Member you may call us to set up a one time maintenance on your heating or cooling system.  Protect you and your family and have your heating system checkup especially if you have a gas system.  Gas heating systems can produce carbon monoxide which goes unnoticed by the homeowner and can be deadly.  Carbon monoxide is one of the items we test when performing a checkup.  Do not hesitate.  Call now!



Things to check before contacting us......

There are always a few things that you can check before calling us:

If your heat or air conditioner stops working, here are a few things to check before calling us.

Check your thermostat.  If the heat has stopped working,  ensure that the thermostat is on heat.  Check the same thing if  your A/C has stopped working also.  It should be on A/C and not off or heat.

Check to see if the breaker to the unit has tripped.

Check the battery in the thermostat.  Some, but not all thermostats have a battery.  The plastic front  cover should just snap off.  This will give you access to the battery.

If all these things do not help, we will be glad to come out and check your unit.


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